Shrinkflation is a modern business term and is a constructed blend of the words SHRINK & INFLATION Simply put Shrinkflation is the unethical (!?) practice of downsizing the package size while keeping the price same tricking the customers to make them believe that they are receiving the same

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Scope Creep is a project management term which refers to the changes, and or the continuous or uncontrolled growth of a project’s scope, compared to the scope at the start of the project, at any point after the project begins. Also Known As Requirement Creep Function Creep Scope Creep possibly

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Remain optimistic Your subordinates look to you for leadership and your mood reflects on their morale: be it positive or negative. Success or failure in contingencies depend on how they are approached. Set a clear direction Unless you direct your team in the right direction seldom do they reach the

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People get their MBA's graduating from Business schools after learning lots and lots of stuff about business, strategy, best practices and tools to aid business management. Even then, business schools seldom address simple stuff which they consider too simple to be addressed at their level. Yet

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Best practices to get your invoices paid on time. While most people readily pay their dues on time and keep their incomings and outgoings on track, a few need more tricks of the trade to help persuade them pay their bills on time. At the end of the day, any small business owner knows that even a

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