IBHYA is our flagship business entity. IBHYA started out as a seedling at Sheffield Hallam University, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom and found itself a home in Chennai, India.

IBHYA through its innovative business consulting services, helps businesses achieve, without any added excess baggage what they originally set out to achieve and more, in real quick time increasing efficiency, loyalty, sustainability, productivity, profitability and public relations under economical usage of resources.

We help, not just companies involved in active "For Profit Business Activities" but also "Not Solely For Profit Organisations" just as, but not entirely restricted to governments, government organizations, non-profit institutions, NGO's & educational institutions.

Learn more about IBHYA on www.ibhya.com



Mum7 is a hyperlocal online / brick & mortar supermarket specialising in everyday essentials

Mum7 currently serves select localities in Chennai viz. Ramapuram, Nesapakkam, Manapakkam & Valasaravakkam.

Mum7 specialises in both branded and non-branded groceries & home essentials. Mum7's prime mission is to provide maximum return on money spent by its customers

Mum7 delivers all orders directly to customer homes, leaving your precious time to yourself to do more valuable tasks than grocery shopping. Mum7 has both early as well as late delivery slots

Buy from Mum7 at www.mum7.com

We are actively looking for partners to serve in localities across Chennai & in gated communities. Very low investment: Decent Returns. If you are interested to venture into this business, give us a call



4ya is an awesome service offered for the benefit of bootstrapped startups and micro businesses.

4ya is "THE" Online Business Directory for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises across India.

4ya also offers an official website for bootstrapped businesses for a small one-time fee without the repeated financial burden on businesses namely domain registration & renewal, web hosting, Website management & Designer fees

Register your business on 4ya. Save & make money. 4ya.in



Jobya is an affordable jobs directory.

Jobya provides recruitment solutions to businesses.




Oorrkkaa is an online snack shop from the house of IBHYA.

Oorrkkaa specialises in savoury snacks & condiments.

If you are hanging out at a friend's place on a coffee date or grouping together to have a few drinks with your friends to make mellow out of the evening, Oorrkkaa's wide variety of snacks will definitely make good of your evening

Buy from Oorrkkaa via www.oorrkkaa.com