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IBHYA offers businesses the required nudge to
help move to the next level with confidence

Chennai Business Consultancy

Bespoke yet Agile
No Nonsense Business Consulting

IBHYA's business consultants will not beat around
the bush to address your issues

Chennai Business Consultancy

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Local Expertise

Our resident business consultants are local talents who understand our clientele, their markets, their potential customers & best of all read, write & speak the local tongue - TAMIL

Global Experience

Our business consultants have acquired their wide & deep experience from across the world spanning the length & breadth of India, Europe, USA, Australia & across the world

International Alliance

We bring in industry renowned business consultants from the UK on adhoc basis depending on our clients' requirements through mutual workshare arrangements


Our consulting is upto the point precise and pre-proven striking a perfect balance between time-tested methodologies, cutting edge technologies & agility

Responsive Business Website
Online Store with Payment Gateway
Onsite Seo (Google Search Results Ranking)
Offsite Seo (Google Search Results Ranking)
Responsive HTML5 Website Template
Business HTML Email Template
Digital Marketing Package
MSME Registration
GST Registration
Company Registration
Business Startup package
Complete Startup Business Package
Small Business Project Reports
Small Business Business Plans
Small Business Marketing Plans
Competition Analysis (Know your Competition)
Market Research (Success of a Business)
Perfect Business Letters (Make more from your letters)
Rental Agreements
Partnership Deeds
Non Disclosure Agreements
Collaborative Agreements
Construction Contracts
Labour / Job Contracts

We Are


We are readily accessible and are very easy to talk to. You will adore us.


The value you get from IBHYA is far more compared to other consulting firms


We stick to keeping things simple, not wasting your time & ours


We hit the ground running. With necessary planning ofcourse

Affordable SME Business Consulting Services in Chennai

IBHYA is the most innovative Business Consultancy in Chennai, providing best in class, comprehensive business excellence consulting services and business solutions to SME business units across India at the most economical costs. No matter what the location, nature and size of your business is, we help it succeed. Do you require your business to make a quick turnaround?
Just try us once! You will stick with us forever!

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IBHYA. Redefining Business Consulting


IBHYA has been redefining the scope of business consultants for a while now. IBHYA's business consultants come from a wide crop of deeply experienced professionals from different industry domains sharing the following traits

  • Global Experience
  • Local Knowledge
  • Professional Empathy
  • Unfaultering Ethics

Learn more about IBHYA

IBHYA's business consulting & business services are Precise, Problemsolving, Perfect & Pocketfriendly. IBHYA is not just another business consultancy which delivers standard, one solution fits all business consultancy services. IBHYA's business consulting services are carefully tailored to suit each and every single client perfectly. IBHYA Keeps it Simple

CEO, Raj Karunakaran

IBHYA through its innovative business consulting services, helps businesses achieve, without any added excess baggage what they originally set out to achieve, in real quick time increasing efficiency, loyalty, sustainability, productivity, profitability & public relations under economical usage of resources. We help not just companies involved in active For Profit Business Activities but also Not Solely For Profit Organisations such as, but not entirely restricted to governments, government organizations, non-profit institutions, NGO's & Educational Institutions.

Excellent SME Business Consulting Services in Chennai

IBHYA offers business consulting services with greater agility, sensibility and economy compared to others offering business consultancy services in India. Our business consultants are trained well in the science and art of ethical business consulting to provide tailored custom fit solutions to suit your business unlike others who provide "standard one solution fit all" business consultancy services.
Excellent value for money! Excellent Results!

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Our Services

Business Consulting

Need guidance on tackling business issues? Or want to get rid of problems at your workplace?. or just would like to better? We help

Organizational Restructuring

The structure of your organization restructured for the better cost optimizationA leaner machine

Process Reengineering

Your business processes rengineered for btter capacity utilization, cost optimization and efficiency. More bang for your buck

Competitor Analysis

Need to know better insights on who you are competing against? We help Learn before you Lean

Business & Marketing Plans

Get the best view of your business idea through our well structured Business & Marketing plans. Plan for the future: A better future

Project Reports

Looking for investors to fund your business. A well designed project report is all you need to woo your investor prospects. We'll give you one


Standard Operating Procedures define the flow of work within your business. The is only one way everyone does the same thing. The Right way or No way

Corporate Branding

Branding is what gives your company that much needed "wow factor" to edge past its competition. Save nine with a stitch

Vision Mission Statements

Nothing builds reputation than catchy vision mission statements that stand apart from the rest. Announce yourself in a few strong words


Most times getting things done comes down to knowing the right people to move in the right direction for your cause. We'll fix you up


Corporate disputes can turn messy if things weren't handled the right way. We help settle them the right way. Disputes settled sans disputes


Fix your business processes up to increase capacity & efficiency while reducing costs, waste & complacency. Do less for more

Due Diligence

Learn the underlying truths about your dealings before you decide for sure. Prevention is always better than cure


Getting the right paperwork for a startup is no easy business. Worry about your actual business, we'll do the statutories. We make it easy

Business Loans

Only for running businesses with fixed assets for security or huge orders in the pipeline. We don't do startup loans. Fund yourself through us

Business Websites

Branding, Marketing & Global reach made Easy, Economical & Enterprising, without spending too much. Your company's doorway to the world

Online Stores

Sell your products & services across the world & accept payments from the comfort of your desk. Sell Globally without Limits. Easy

Corporate Emails

Emails important for your business? Well! shared hosting emails aren't reliable, Office365 & GApps aren't cheap. Economical Enterprise Emails

Google 1st Page Listing

Nothing better than being on the first page of the internet search to get new customers. Make Google work for you

Social Media Management

Use someone else's investment to incentivize yOur Group. Let us, the professionals spin you good. Efficient, Economical & Effective PR

Deccan Chronicle 1 Year @ 399

We've struck a deal with Deccan Chronicle Newspaper to offer 1 year of newspaper delivered to home / offices in Chennai. Killer savings. 1185 399

Premium SME Business Consulting Services in Chennai

IBHYA's business consultants work seamlessly with your team to trim out the unnecessary fat that holds your company back and re-engineer your business processes to help it achieve a laminar workflow even through turbulent situations. We are probably the only business consultancy firm to extend premium business consulting services to micro organisations with an ultimate goal to bring costs down and, efficiecy, throughput, agility & profitability up.
Premium Services at Paltry Expenses!

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IBHYA helps businesses standardize, sustain & succeed in their first go, without losing money and much precious time on errors by trial and framework inadequacies. With IBHYA as a solutions partner, businesses stand to be successful in their venture at a greater economy, quickly. Yardstick after yardstick, IBHYA helps businesses scale with ease, through unobstructive & unobtrusive yet efficient adhoc business solutions designed specifically on a case by case basis.

No two businesses are alike!
We custom make solutions for your business!

Among the very few business consultants that offer quality business consulting services in India, IBHYA's business consultancy services are the only ones that scream value to its clientele. IBHYA's dedication to perfection, client satisfaction and providing best fit adhoc solutions play a great role in ensuring aimed success in the intended direction resulting in the most ROI for every paisa spent by the client.

IBHYA is your "GO TO" business consultant among a plethora of business consultants!

A good business consultant will offer proper business consulting services to help you visualise your business, the way it is to become, to achieve the vision you have for it in the long run and help you design & implement the framework required. But the onus lies on you to find the best fit business consultancy that can offer flexible, common-sensed, cross domain experienced business consultants to provide your business with the perfect business consulting services it deserves.

IBHYA helps your business audit, assess and redefine its framework, principles and practices employing time tested, result yielding, outstanding organisational management practices that are built upon a set of fundamental values evolved to define how a world class organisation should operate. These practices are essentially the same as those practised in the highest performing world class organisations but tuned to suit the size, nature and culture of your business.

Redefine your business practices. Achieve Excellence!

IBHYA's business consulting services are so unique that our business consultants always approach your problems with a holistic view: even if you insist otherwise and not pay for it, and tailor solutions to suit your requirements, those that benefit your company immensely, not just immediately but also in the long-run. Our business consultants, do not give you pseudo solutions like many other business consulting services firms do, but concrete effective benefiting solutions.

We help you
Sustain, Survive, Systematize, Surge, Spread & Succeed !