News - 11 July 2022

The $5000 per month Internet

Elon Musk's Spacex has announced "Starlink Maritime Service" at speeds upto 350 Mbps for large boats for $5000 per month exclusive of $10000 upfront equipment costs.
Elon Musk claims that these use "dual, high performance terminals, which are important for maintaining the connection in choppy seas & heavy storms"
Starlink's regular service costs $110 per month

James Webb telescope's first five targets named

  • WASP-96 b
  • The Carina Nebula
  • SMACS 0723
  • Stephan’s Quintet
  • Southern Ring Nebula

Samsung Galaxy 5 watch to come without rotating bezel

Leaks shows that the watch doesn't have the rotating bezel. Looks much better without it

Elon Musk drops Twitter buy

The deal doesn't provide Musk an easy way out and he might have to fight it out in court to not pay $1 billion for failure to complete the purchase

Lawsuit claims Racial discrimination at Tesla is Standard Operating Procedure

A group of Tesla employees consisting of 9 men and 6 women, all African-American claim to have been subjected to offensive racist comments and offensive racist behavior and discipline by colleagues, leads, supervisors, managers, and/or Human Resources personnel on a daily basis