Scope Creep

is a project management term which refers to the changes, and or the continuous or uncontrolled growth of a project’s scope, compared to the scope at the start of the project, at any point after the project begins.

Also Known As

Requirement Creep
Function Creep

Scope Creep possibly can be a result of

  • Poor change control
  • Lack of proper initial identification of Project Objectives
  • Lack of initial product versatility
  • Incompetent Project Manager
  • Poor communication between Stakeholders

Mission Creep

is when a project expands beyond its original goals after the success of initially set milestones

Instruction creep

is when instructions increase in number and size over time until they are unmanageable.


  • Ignorance of the Keeping It Simple Stupid
  • Complex procedures which are often misunderstood
  • Rules framed by ever-changing groups over extended periods

Feature Creep

is the addition of new features in a product beyond the basic functions of the product resulting in function bloat and over complication.

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