Paramhamsa Yoganand Quotes for Life and Business - Part 3

  1. If material poverty is to be avoided, spiritual poverty is to be abhorred; for the latter is the underlying cause of all human suffering. A practical spiritual man is a happy man, and only a happy man is a successful man. One hundred percent material prosperity among the inhabitants of a city will not prevent murders and crime. Following the universal principals of mutual service, spontaneous cooperation, love for the spiritual life, and disciplining the human sense cravings is wholly necessary for the harmonious, happy, healthy, prosperous life of any community.

    1. In order to lead a balanced life, adults must educate themselves to realize that business ambitions should be only for making ourselves and others happy. Without this ideal, over-strenuous business activity produces nervousness, lack of harmonious social qualities. Miserliness, greed, and disrespect for all good principles. By realizing the true purpose of business activity — service for the benefit of others as well as oneself — life can really be happy.
  2. When one has made a great deal of money, and simultaneously helped his workers and associates to become more prosperous, and then uses his wealth for helping others to help themselves, that is spiritualistic ambition.

  3. Wealthy parents who leave too much money for their children choke the evolutionary development of self-created, self earned success and happiness in their offspring.

  4. There is no difficulty that cannot be solved, provided you believe you have more power than your troubles, and you use that power to shatter your impediments.

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