Paramhamsa Yoganand Quotes for Life and Business - Part 1

  1. Most of you have had the feeling that you could be great, and do great things; but because you have lacked intuitive power, that potential has, for the most part, remained dormant. To progress and avoid the misery of mistakes, you have to find what is the truth in everything. This is possible only if you develop your intuition. That is the practical truth of the matter. That is why I am asking you to cultivate and use your intuitive power in everything. In your relationships with others, in your business, in your married life, in every part of your life, intuition is essential.

  2. By not developing the faculty of intuition, you make wrong decisions, pick up the wrong business associates, and get caught up in wrong personal relationships. …intuition will never make such a mistake. It will not look at the magnetic power of the eyes or at the attractive face or personality of a person, but will feel and perceive accurately in the heart what that person is really like.

  3. Business life need not be a material life. Business ambition can be spirituality. Business is nothing but serving others materially in the best possible way. Those stores that start out with the idea of only making money are readily recognized as commercial money-making dens, but stores that concentrate on serving customers with the best articles at the minimum cost will succeed, and will also advance the moral development of the world.

  4. You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God’s creative principle works in you.

  5. Good judgement is a natural expression of wisdom; but it is directly dependent on harmony within, which is poise of mind. When the mind lacks harmony, it has no peace; and without peace it lacks both judgement and wisdom. Life is full of bumps and knocks. In the hours of trials, which demand your keenest judgement, if you preserve your mental equilibrium you will attain victory. This is equally true in any type of organization — any structure that has interacting parts, from nature as a whole to human relationships to corporate businesses and spiritual societies. Harmony is the soul of organization; disharmony is death.

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