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The One Day Web Design

" Standard Business Websites Delivered under a day "

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Embark upon an action after careful thought
Money and means, time, place and deed: Decide these five and then proceed
Load too many of them, Even feathers would break the cart’s axle
After ascertaining what work befits a man,Assign him to a fitting task
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IBHYA is the most innovative Business Consultancy in Chennai, providing best in class, comprehensive business excellence consulting services and business solutions to SME business units across India at the most economical costs.

No matter what the location, nature and size of your business is, we help it succeed.
Do you require your business to make a quick turnaround?

Engage us!
We are Agile!
IBHYA helps businesses standardize, sustain & succeed in their first go, without losing money and much precious time on errors by trial and framework inadequacies. With IBHYA as a solutions partner, businesses stand to be successful in their venture at a greater economy, quickly.

Yardstick after yardstick, IBHYA helps businesses scale with ease, through unobstructive & unobtrusive yet efficient adhoc business solutions designed specifically on a case by case basis.

No two businesses are alike!
We custom make solutions for your business!

Among the very few business consultants that offer quality business consulting services in India, IBHYA's business consultancy services are the only ones that scream value to its clientele. IBHYA's dedication to perfection, client satisfaction and providing best fit adhoc solutions play a great role in ensuring aimed success in the intended direction resulting in the most ROI for every paisa spent by the client.

IBHYA is your "GO TO" business consultant among a plethora of business consultants!
Redefine your practices! Achieve Business Excellence!

IBHYA helps your business audit, assess and redefine its framework, principles and practices employing time tested, result yielding, outstanding organisational management practices that are built upon a set of fundamental values evolved to define how a world class organisation should operate. These practices are essentially the same as those practised in the highest performing world class organisations but tuned to suit the size, nature and culture of your business.

Need direction? Get your perfect business plan!
IBHYA advocates strongly to have a well thought out and laid business plan. The universal 80 : 20 rule governs businesses too. Rarely do gut instincts pay out well in business and in all cases, businesses without the clarity of the 5 W's (Why, What, Where, When & Who) fail. Business plans are important for the success of organisations of all sizes. They provide and guide businesses with the direction needed to achieve the goals set by the management for the immediate future as well as the long run.

As scenarios change in the business universe due to size, scale, nature, geography and socio-political changes over progression of time, business plans need to be periodically scrutinized and realigned to attain set organisational goals. IBHYA helps your business on its course of action with a well laid plan for its business entities to tackle the future with definite direction.

A properly designed business plan is your first step towards business success!

A good business consultant will offer proper business consulting services to help you visualise your business the way you it is to become, to achieve the vision you have for it in the long run and help you design and implement the framework required. But the onus lies on you to find the best fit business consultancy that can offer flexible, common-sensed, cross domain experienced business consultants to provide your business with the perfect business consulting services it deserves. IBHYA offers business consulting services with greater agility, sensibility and economy compared to others offering business consultancy services in India. Our business consultants are trained well in the science and art of ethical business consulting to provide tailored custom fit solutions to suit your business unlike others who provide "standard one solution fit all" business consultancy services.
If you want engagement, you must engage
Karen Martin
Slowness to change usually means fear of the new
Philip Crosby
Change before you have to
Jack Welch
Change your thoughts and you change your world
Norman Vincent Peale
I'm always afraid of failing. It's great motivation to work harder
Mark Cuban
Re-engineer your business process! Achieve unbelievable economies!

IBHYA helps your business fundamentally rethink how work needs to be done in order to radically improve end-to-end customer service, cut operational expenditures, and become a world-class player. By dramatically re-engineering your business processes IBHYA helps you restructure your business into a lean, mean & green (unnecessary baggage free & resource streamlined organisation) fighting machine. Resulting re-engineered business processes would be the outcome of the complete re-creation of those processes arising from a holistic focus on business objectives rather than an iterative optimization of sub-processes. Business Process Re-engineering (or redesign) or Change management as it is widely known is not just for old & large organisations but for new & small organisations as well, as the purpose is to streamline workflows, automate non-value-added tasks and enable maximum utilization of human workforce for decision making tasks that add value.

Let not change manage your change but you!

IBHYA's business consultants work seamlessly with your team to trim out the unnecessary fat that holds your company back and re-engineer your business processes to help it achieve a laminar workflow even through turbulent situations. We are probably the only business consultancy firm to extend premium business consulting services to micro organisations with an ultimate goal to bring costs down and, efficiecy, throughput, agility & profitability up.
Announce your business to the world! Get a website!

Before the internet era, businesses depended on "word of mouth referrals", flyers, visiting cards and certain other physical means to announce their services to their prospective clientele. The results though impressive but were inadequate for the reason that they had limited reach and realty space for the messages. Mass media advertising was really expensive and out of reach of small businesses and companies without funds to advertise on satellite television only had limited growth: real slow.

The dawn of the internet era brought the small businesses on a par playing field with the big players. With web domains costing the same for all where geographical and demographical boundaries are limited only by the imagination, innovation and involvement of the website owners. With a simple website, you can reach across the corners of the globe, to places you never thought you might have a customer interested in your service or product. You can reach anyone anywhere across the world connected to the internet with a pc, tablet or a smartphone and that is equivalent to passing out flyers to more than 5 billion people. Imagine how much printing and distributing a billion flyers will cost you. A website will cost you peanut compared to that and best of all, a website is forever*.

Tired of working for your business? Let your website work for you!
Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that
Paul Cookson
Strip your website down to the basics and do a few things really well
Web Design Best Practices
Running a business without marketing will kill it
Paul Cookson
Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent
Joe Sparano
High expectations are the key to everything
Sam Walton
A website can be just that: just a website. Alternatively, a website, if planned and executed well, can be utilised effectively as an awesome workhorse: as a great marketing tool, a PR whiteboard, a 24x7 shopfront, a customer service centre, an easily memorable address in the digital oblivion and the global office for your local business, all concurrently at an unbelievably incomparable economy. It is upto you to decide if you want a cheap website that just stays there or a functional workhorse that is perfectly designed and managed to serve as an additional revenue generator for your business.

A good business consultant not just fixes your business from the inside but also helps you project your company's much improved image to the world. An improved image brings new clients and more business to your company and that is why, we at IBHYA help our clients to build "awesomely functional and streamlined navigational websites packaged together with other mandatory web services required to run proper business communications" as the requirement defines as part of our business consulting services. This "comprehensive web services package" is a starting point for cash strapped micro businesses and startups to taste our services and the experience we bring to the party, while enjoying great value and ROI at economies other business consultants or business consultancy firms providing business consulting services in India or elsewhere could only dream to offer.



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