IBHYA Business Consultants offer premium Business Consulting Services at Economy

IBHYA is not just another business consultant which delivers standard, one solution fits all business consultancy services. IBHYA's business consulting services are carefully tailored to suit each and every single client perfectly.

Our Vision

To be the one stop solution provider for SME business units worldwide

Our Mission

Transform small business operations to par multinational corporations

Our Values

Integrity, Quality, Humility, Simplicity, Curiosity and, Creativity

Our Motto

Keep it Simple

We Do Not

Work to set textbook 101 templates
Abstain from addressing your business issues
Hyperbloat your expectations
Restrain ourselves to domain approved "from the box" solutions
Refrain from pointing out the errors in your system
shy away from accepting our errors
rest until we correct our errors
apologize if doing the right thing for your business offends the naysayer within
sleep until we deliver you success
Choosing IBHYA as your business consulting services partner is a NO-BRAINER
We are based in Chennai, India & are available on 8939-998-998
We are IBHYA
The Intra Business High Yield Agency
IBHYA started out as a seedling at Sheffield Hallam University, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom and found itself a home in Chennai to root strongly and yield fruits that are of greater significance to businesses in its founder's hometown.

We were born of the seed of many a ration!
Home, we call India, the one great nation!
IBHYA through its innovative business consulting services, helps businesses achieve, without any added excess baggage what they originally set out to achieve, in real quick time increasing efficiency, loyalty, sustainability, productivity, profitability and public relations under economical usage of resources. We help not just companies involved in active "For Profit Business Activities" but also "Not Solely For Profit Organisations" just as, but not entirely restricted to governments, government organizations, non-profit institutions, NGO's & educational institutions.
If you have one good idea, people will lend you twenty
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them
Benjamin Jowett
If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business
B. C. Forbes
A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business
Pierre Corneille
What exactly do we do!

IBHYA assists organisations progressively and continuously exceed industry benchmarks and set their own benchmarks through a seamlessly concerted collaboration of different people, skills, tools and technologies to identify and develop appropriate "cross industry domain" ideas that are readily embraced by their teams, suppliers and customers.

IBHYA helps its clients increase productivity by ensuring core business activities are done faster, better and cheaper by transforming their operations as proactive, responsive, efficient and cost effective as possible, through innovative cross domain solutions to help them easily scale heights never thought possible. Simply put, IBHYA helps its clients to build more lean, agile, core strong, innovative, efficient, productive and profitable organisations.

IBHYA's business consulting services are so unique that our business consultants always approach your problems with a holistic view: even if you insist otherwise and not pay for it, and tailor solutions to suit your requirements, those that benefit your company immensely, not just immediately but also in the long-run. Our business consultants, do not give you pseudo solutions like many other business consulting services firms do, but concrete effective benefiting solutions.

We help you Sustain, Survive, Systematize, Surge, Spread & Succeed!
Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something
Thomas A. Edison
Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun
Don Marquis
Details create the big picture
Sanford I. Weill
Our work is the presentation of our capabilities
Edward Gibbon
Need you to come our office?
We will come to yours!

IBHYA's business consulting services are based on one priciple; being helpful to our clients even before they become our clients. Most of our clientele are SME businesses, particularly proprietorships which are run by a single man management. While 99.9% of business consultants ask prospects to visit them at their office first, we at IBHYA understand that if our business consultants visit prospective clients at their place, it helps us learn more about the client and at the same time, the client gets some work done & doesn't lose most part of the day for a hour's meeting and always make sure that our consultants visit the clients place.

Moreover, the client being at our office doesn't add any value to the client and hence we insist that the meeting take place at the client's: saving them time & giving us the opportunity to learn a bit more about them. All business consulting work is done remotely or at the client's place, so there is asolutely no necessity for the client to spend hours to visit us, unless it is a social call out of love and respect for us.

We meet the lion in its den, not in a cage!

IBHYA's business consultants work seamlessly with your team to trim out the unnecessary fat that holds your company back and re-engineer your business processes to help it achieve a laminar workflow even through turbulent situations. We are probably the only business consultancy firm to extend premium business consulting services to micro organisations with an ultimate goal to bring costs down and, efficiency, throughput, agility & profitability up.
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing
Walt Disney
If it is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it
Elon Musk
Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great
John D. Rockefeller
You can learn from everybody
Joe Sparano
IBHYA's Modus Operandi!

We keep things Simple-Straightforward-Stupid. Our consulting methodology is built upon the principle that all processes within a business are 80 percent common sense & only the other 20 percent is technology & technique: the latter bears fruit only if the former prevails. We make sure that common sense prevails throughout your business system so that principles, processes and procedures idiot-proof themselves. An idiot-proofed (error-proofed) business process needs significantly less resources to work errorfree than one that isn't. A system wide idiot-proofed business will have seamless integration between its upstream & downstream processes eliminating internal bottlenecks totally.

We do not work to set textbook 101 templates.
We do not abstain from addressing your business issues.
We do not hyperbloat your expectations.
We do not procrastinate.
We do not restrain ourselves to domain approved "from the box" solutions.
We do not refrain from pointing out the errors in your system.
We do not shy away from accepting our errors.
We do not rest until we correct our errors.
We do not apologize if doing the right thing for your business offends the naysayer within.
We do not sleep until we deliver you success.

We, as a policy, do not work to textbook 101 templates. Instead, we structure & work on our projects through a simplified hybrid system of multiple result yielding principles borrowed from across a broad range of industry spectrums. Since the technique borrows heavily across spectrums yet not leaning towards any particular, we term it as "freestyle consulting" akin to freestyle running and freestyle rollerblading making maximum: unconventional use of conventional props & vice versa. This methodology of cross implementing established solutions albeit new to the industry spectrum, makes use of the positives of a technique completely while negating drawbacks with a compensating technique at the same time.

Tired of textbook template consulting services?
Experience our exciting freestyle consulting!

Businesses are alike. Business processes are alike. The socio political economical systems the businesses operate in, & the people within and outside the businesses aren't. Hence the need for custom made time tested solutions. Most consulting services firms try to fit clients into the solution they already have while IBHYA's consulting services cross-fits solutions to suit our clients' requirements to produce ideal yields.



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